Monday, May 24, 2004

I'm 27 today!!!

Wow! What a weekend.
I took off Thursday afternoon and met my dad at my place. We headed to the airport. We had a short lay over in Detroit and we were on our way to Orlando.
My sister picked us up and we crashed at her house that night.
Woke up too early the next day and headed an Ocean view condo my uncle rented about 20 miles from Savannah called Tybee Island.
We all arrived and talked and my cousin came over and we headed out to see the town and went to The Crab Shack. Very interesting place. They just lay out a bunch of seafood in front of you and you have to work to eat it. Then we went to a park where George Clinton was having a free concert.
The next day I woke up and went out to the next to say good morning to the ocean. Not sure if there is anything more soothing than that.
We went to my cousin's graduation from Savannah College of Arts & Design. My cousin Drew now has a degree in Animation and he showed something he made, amazing stuff! He'll go far!
Then we had lunch at an awesome Mexican restaurant and took a tour of Old Savannah. Saw where some of "Forrest Gump" was filmed.
Then we took a boat ride around Tybee Island. One of the highlights of the trip!
After that my sister, dad, & I headed back to Orlando and woke up for an early flight.
My dad and I stopped for a birthday lunch at Old Chicago. I sent him on his way to my mom who couldn't come because of work.
I then went to see some friends and had dinner at their house.
Today is my day off. I am running errands and am working on a website for my cousin!
Tonight a bunch of friends and I are getting together for dinner at Julio's. No better gift that being surrounded by your best friends - laughing and having a great time!

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