Tuesday, May 25, 2010

16.5 things about turning 33 yesterday...

1. Having the day off to do 'me' stuff was a birthday present in itself
2. Even when you try & sleep in, you still get up too early for having a day off.
3. I'm all about birthday presents, but a present can also be getting birthday wishes via email, phone call, text, and Facebook
4. Browsing a bookstore with no time restraints is dangerous, but only finding a book in the bargain bin was just fine
5. Browsing Best Buy with no time restraints is dangerous, but I didn't purchase anything
6. Meeting up with some friends, my Goddaughter, and another little one makes for a good lunch with good company and food
7. Planning on taking a nap, but not getting a chance to wasn't so bad
8. Having a mocha smoothie at my favorite coffee shop was a great treat
9. Rereading from 'that book' I'm trying to write, what I had written so far was just what I needed to spend my afternoon doing
10. Attempting to add onto 'that book' from where I left off was kind of rough, but I'll progress
11. Meeting up with friends at Red Robin was just right - good food & company
12. Getting a big bag of pistachios put a smile on my face
13. Today, forgetting the bag while leaving for work and realizing it put a frown on my face
14. Catching the last 2 hours of the series finale of "24" was bitter/sweet, "I'll miss you Jack Bauer"
15. Continuing to get comments on Facebook from friends wishing me a happy birthday helped make it seem like my birthday all day
16. Reading a nice note from my mom about the day I was born up & other comments until now was a priceless gift
16.5 Getting a gift certificate to a bookstore reminds me that my friends do indeed know my addictive habits & are willing to support them

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Renzer said...

:-) puts a smile on my face