Thursday, June 04, 2009

In search of a computer...

He was told there were computers available at the coffee shop. He walked in and found none, but in the end - he found me.

He was an elderly man, in his mid 60s (I would have guessed) and I'm in my early 30s. He ordered a coffee cake and scanned the coffee shop. I sipped my smoothie and stared at my computer screen. I didn't even notice his approach.

"Excuse me, would you look up something for me?" he asked politely.

I was in the middle of reviewing my newest logo. I stopped what I was doing and set my tasty smoothie aside and replied, "sure!"

He wanted me to look up a senior citizen softball league.
"I need to know who we are playing... and when," he stated.

I helped him find the site and find the tournament schedule. He saw the schedule and wrote down the times. While writing down who they are playing, he voiced whether or not they were a good team.

Then we got down to the winner & loser brackets.
I said, "no need to look at the loser brackets."
"Why?" he asked.
I replied, "Because you aren't going to be there."
He just laughed, "Oh, you never know!"

He finished his coffee cake and thanked me again. I simply nodded.

He picked up his cell phone, dialed, and started walking away. The last thing I heard was, "hey Norm, I got the schedule thanks to a young man at the coffee shop. Are you ready?"

I hope I'm playing softball at 75. That is the age bracket he was looking at. I was 15 years off guessing his age.

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