Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year's Resolutions...

I imagine you can find never-ending blogs out there about blogger's new years resolutions.

So, I'll simply add to that in no particular order:
  • Finish writing Left Unsaid and submit it to literary agents

  • Complete a draft with rewrites for "The Human Element" (screenplay)

  • Film "Table for Two" and submit to film festivals

  • Totally redo my website

  • Finish a website that Mike & I are building

  • Buy less books, read more books

  • Store up more treasures in heaven

  • Continue on with my all pages aside - writer's blog
and... like most blogs
Eat better (less cheesecake, more veggies)
Get into better shape


Anonymous said...

"Buy less books, read more books". Can you explain how you plan to accomplish this? Library, trade?

Chad said...

Sure, since I already own more books than I have time to read, I can focus on reading those books instead of buying more books.

Anonymous said...

According to your resolutions/goals it looks like you may not have time for any reading. Good luck sir.

Chad said...

Very true, I'm not sure how I will accomplish it all. God speed to you too, sir.