Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm not blogging...

I'm not blogging as much as I used to. Now I think I want something interesting to blog about, but you might look at my past blogs and ask, "What is interesting about what you've written in the past?" Good question.

Life continues to be busy. Seems like everyone is busy - so what's new there, eh?

I went to the winter open house at the Hot Shops Art Center, that is eye opening - the place was packed. It was cool to see all sorts of different art and get to meet the artist behind the art. Each of artists rent out space within the art center and just do their thing. I applaud them.

On Wednesday, Eric & I went to NIFP to talk to other filmmakers about "Pine Acres". I hadn't been to an NIFP meeting for awhile. RoomMate Productions' film, "Who's There" appeared at The Middle of Nowhere Film Festival (a few years back) that NIFP puts on. If you missed seeing the film, no worries - you didn't miss much.

My recent Writer's Digest magazine came in the mail yesterday. The cover said something about writing your novel in 2009. Good idea. I should do that. My friend Amy is reviewing what I have written so far of Left Unsaid and is providing feedback which should spark something for me to continue on. If not that, maybe one of my dozens of books on the craft of writing will help.

According to my all pages aside writer's blog, I need to find time & space to write. Recently, I think I found the perfect crative & open space, so now it is a matter of finding time to get to that space.

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