Thursday, August 28, 2008

Peer pressure...

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Do you want a pack?
Cigarettes or no?

She did it again, she asked me if I wanted cigarettes as I placed my munchies on the counter at the convenience store.

Questions raised.
Is she trying to get me to start smoking?
Does she ask everyone if they want a pack or is she picking on just me?
Does she get a cut of the sale if she gets people to buy cigarettes when they weren't planning to?
Do her parents know she is pushing cigarettes on young kids like me?
Is she trying to find out who is smoking because if she smokes, she has someone to smoke with after the sale?
How can I get her to quit asking if I want to buy cigarettes?
Will I eventually break under pressure?
Can I find another store or cashier to go to?

What other questions come to mind?

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