Monday, March 24, 2008

A long-awaited road trip...

For months, maybe even years... Mike has been talking about venturing to Bob's Bar in Martinsburg, Nebraska. I had taken him there back when I was in college as a thank you for helping me move. He had wanted to go because I had been talking about the place for awhile, a place Eric & I would occasionally go when a craving for a huge hamburger came up. Not this big though.

Finally, the stars aligned when he didn't have his kids and I wasn't doing any filming. I recently bought an iPod along with an FM radio transmitter and loaded up my iPod with Jars of Clay for the journey. That was a hit for sure. Since I was driving to Bob's from a different direction, I plugged in the coordinates into MapQuest. The mapping was partially right, but it failed to mention an important turn and even claimed that Bob's was in Ponca and not Martinsburg.

We eventually found it… after 1pm we pulled up to a small white mom & pop looking restaurant and wondered if the place was open. Once we walked in we saw one waitress and one family. Eventually more and more people kept coming in.

The waitress brought a HUGE plate of mozzarella sticks. By Mike & my official estimate, there were about 50. He ordered fries, but I didn't. "Are you sure you don't want any friends, Chad?" He had asked. I half-joked that I'd steal some of his. Good thing I planned to do that, the plate of fries probably equaled 10 pounds of potatoes.

Finally the cheeseburgers came. The bun barely covered half the burger, the cheese covered even less. You know it is a big burger when you have to begin with a fork. There was a kid behind us that asked the waitress for, "The biggest burger you've got." I missed his expression as she brought over his burger, but I'm sure he wasn't expecting one that big.

Mike and I left full and with appetizers and a journey back to Lincoln.

The Easter bunny hid some eggs around my Grandma's apartment on Sunday. Nothing like Easter egg hunting at 30, but there was a quarter in each one, now I have some spare change to wash my car.

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Renzer said...

i bet it was a rock, scissors, paper argument on who was going to drive back from that trip... wowza!!! i haven't been there in eons, but feel miserable afterwards. too bad, i worked, i could have met up with you both!