Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Almost a victim of a drive thru...

Instead of my usual lunch hour trip to the bookstore, I ventured out to the new SuperTarget that opened by my office complex. But first I had to hit Wendy's. While waiting in line to place my order, the guy in front of me noticed my Omaha Film Festival shirt and mentioned how he has attended the festival this year and last. We talked about some of the films that were shown. I gave him a RoomMate Productions business card and he said, "I'll email you so you have my contact info if you ever need a token Asian dude in one of your films."
I nodded.

While sipping my pop and leaving Wendy's, the driver in drive thru must have been so eager to dig into their square shaped burger or frosty that they didn't both to see the 6'1" pedestrian with an Omaha Film Festival shirt leaving. They slammed on their breaks a foot or two in front of me. I should get a pedestrian badge and flash it. I'd clam to be a member of the PID, Pedestrian Intelligence Division.

So off to SuperTarget. Nothing like the smell of a fresh new store to get you going. I picked up a few things and noticed the Starbucks and the Pizza Hut to go, hmmm… I may have to drop by Super Target once or twice a week. A big store means a big parking lot and so I was off by a row (or two) of cars. I tried to casually scan the parking lot for my little blue car, meanwhile since it was so nice out, people were all over walking, looking at me, or eating in their car.

As I was looking for my lost car (it was lost, not me), one particular woman was in her car eating and observing me try to act as if I knew where my car was. Sure enough I walked past her vehicle and then it dawned on me where I parked. So I walked by her vehicle again. I didn't bother to look over to see if she was laughing or decided to observe someone else.

  • Box of Honey Nut Cheerios - $1.87
  • 12 Pack of Pepsi - $2.50
  • Wendy's #1 combo – I forget
  • Almost getting hit – unknown
  • Losing my car - you'll have to ask the woman
  • Finding someone who wants to be in a RMP film - priceless
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    Renzer said...

    i love it!!! i love it!!! i love it!! thanks for the gaggle of laughs! hmmmmm i am hungry for honey nut cheerios!