Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A quick minute or two video...

I got a message from Mike on Saturday saying his dad wants my help with something. On Sunday morning his dad Steve called saying he just got an email for his business wanting a 'case study' video made by Friday. He asked if I'd come down Monday after work and shoot it. Monday after work I headed to Lincoln and shot two segments for the time. I took Steve's idea, meshed it with mine and we made it work along with some of Steve's employees.

Now this video can't be more than 3 minutes and I had 24 minutes of footage. This is where the 'fun' begins.

On Tuesday I loaded the footage and edited it. By the time Steve arrived at my house, I had about 6 minutes of a rough edit.
We took out a minute and a half intro and then trimmed the rest of the video down to 2.5 minutes. Due to some weird lightinging/color issues, I ended up making it black & white, but that worked since we did a mock court trial where the 'witnesses' explain how a 'successful' deal that went down and how both companies ended up with a great agreement. My computer decided it doesn't like to burn dvds and give errors and not say why.

I guess six other branches around the US are making videos too. I'm not sure where all these things are going to be shown, but I am curious to see 'em. I hope Steve wins. He is a competitive guy and I think the video turned out really well.

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