Thursday, August 23, 2007

A New Bookstore...

After meeting my friend Justin for lunch, I glanced at what used to be a Pier 1 only to see a sign that said 1/2 price bookstore – Coming Soon. I jumped a bit, my heart skipped a beat (no, not really) and wondered how soon "coming soon" really means. This could be dangerous for me. Not that I need any more books, but something about getting a good deal on a book that looks interesting intrigues me.

Sure beats smoking. Healthier too.

So, I may have to stalk the store until they open. Since it is by work, I can grab lunch, a book or two (once they open) and then head to Starbucks.

1 comment:

SarahC said...

How boring to wait 'til they're open to grab a book or two ... :0)