Friday, July 20, 2007

Bad to worse...

It is no secret that my laptop has issues. Well, today – I think I have come to a fork in road.
Last night, it was fine. Today, it wouldn't even start up. I get the opening manufacturer screen and then it automatically turns off.

You know, I'd like to buy something that works without issue, is that possible? My laptop, my car, my PlayStation, my CD player, my dvd player, a chair from Nebraska Furniture Mart, my mower, and just recently a book on cd from the library all occasionally don't work. Does this happen to anyone else?

Then you know I like to gripe about fast food. Yesterday I went to a place for dinner (note, I've been staying away for awhile) and even this place got my order messed up. They admitted their error which is good for my sanity, because I was thinking I wear an invisible name tag that says, "Hi, my name is Chad – feel free to mess up my order."

At least it is Friday and I can spend the weekend restoring my hard drive or just deciding to send the computer into the shop.
Hmmm – how creative can I be to keep myself occupied on a weekend without a computer?

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