Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Denying all responsibility...

Point fingers. Shift blame. Make excuses. Complete deniability.

I sat behind this truck on my way to work.

"Stay back. Not responsible for damages to other vehicles."

I thought about adding the same sticker on my car, in case of an accident, I won't be hold accountable. That could save on rising insurance costs.

Why not add signs that say, "not responsible for hurting others." (wear that on a first and second date)

I'd like to go with, "not responsible for paying all my bills."

In the parking lot of a grocery store, they play it safe by saying, "not responsible for damage cause by carts."

When are people going to start taking responsibility?

What if a guy with a pit bull has a sign that says, "not responsible for 'Fighter's' actions" and the dog mulls over a young kid.
"but the sign says..."

That sign isn't immunity.

I can imagine a lawyer's defense. "Well, my client did have a sign claiming no responsibility."

1 comment:

Adam said...

Another example is at the eyeglasses store where they say they're not responsible for breaking your frames if then adjust them for you.