Friday, May 18, 2007

Out of order...

MSN had this article "Decode your birth order" about birth order and who is a good match for you. A different kind of order. A different kind of astrology.

Reminds me of this book I have sitting on my shelf, The Birth Order Connection: Finding and Keeping the Love of Your Life by Kevin Leman and Kevin, Dr. Leman - author quoted in the article.

It says, most likely better 'match' is not someone who was born in the same order. Someone check their horoscopes for their 'likely' matches.

There are traits attached to the oldest, middle, youngest, or only child. It is an interesting theory. Holds true for some relationships I know. Other relationships work, despite the book saying they aren't ideal. I'm the youngest and I've dated both the oldest and the youngest. I haven't thought about the fact that they were the oldest or the youngest to determine how that affected our communication. I've been interested in this enough, that I used some of it to develop character traits in Left Standing.

Most presidents are the oldest. Most comedians are the youngest.
Is there such a thing as a birth order expert? That would be an interesting career. Guess the author of the book has a phd and writes about these traits.

Similar to asking, what 'sign' works well with Gemini? What sign doesn't?
Are traits of Gemini's as consistent as traits with those last born?

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Adam said...

The article says if you're an only child, your best match is the youngest, but not the other way around?? All three of the "with-siblilngs" (the oldest, middle and youngest) don't have an only child as a best match. What does that mean?