Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day Randomness...

Ahh - May Day. Don't you miss the days of leaving baskets on door steps, ringing bells, and pretending to run?

Happy birthday to my good friend Jonathan who I've known for a long long time. He turned the big 30 today. My countdown to 30 continues - of course...

Over lunch today I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up two books. One came out today, a debut book from an author. I'm curious as to how 'good' this debut book is. I started reading, I didn't get far. It is complex and reads like a series of rants. What an author may say in one or two sentences, this author uses three pages. Sure, it is witty, funny, and flows - and I still plan to give it a chance. I'd hope for the same.

At Runza today, I went to the cashier.
"Welcome to Runza, may I take your order?"
"Yes, I'd like a number 1 to go please."
"Okay, will that be to stay or go?"
"umm... to go please."

At work, I went into the bathroom and there is a guy talking on his cell phone in one of the stalls. What an odd place to talk. Not to mention, the sanity (sanitary) of the phone. I am sure the person on the other end could hear flushing. Just found it odd.

I'm up, it is late, but I'm not tired. From getting this debut book at B&N today and Tosca's upcoming book to the fact that she is taking time off from her job this summer to write book #2 has my mind going crazy - yet nothing is coming out (for my book) hence this blog (and ongoing sentence). I'm tired (as I'm sure you are) of me talking about it more than actually doing it. Kasey had a good idea from writing my next chapter from someone else's POV to get back into the swing of the story. Now it is time to make time instead of claming I have none. I'm writing this aren't I?

And of course, I've spent the last two nights trying to trouble-shoot my malfunctioning USB ports... arg! Google searches allow me to feel better and know I'm not alone with this problem, yet a solution isn't as easy as 1 2 3...

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