Thursday, April 26, 2007

Passenger seats...

Time for Chad's Thursday observation/chuckle. (Please take a moment to contain your excitement.)

After a few errands over lunch, I parked my car in the employee parking lot and made my way through the maze of cars. Human nature is to glance into some of the cars to see what type of crap fills their seats. I passed mostly cars with baby seats, CDs, and fast food drink cups.

One of the cars struck me... on top of a Men's Health magazine in the passenger seat were two boxes of Marlboro cigarettes. So I pictured the driver smoking a cigarette while reading how to stay healthy as a man. Maybe he smokes while doing pushups. For every push up, he gets to take a puff. Don't get me wrong, kudos to the guy for having the magazine at least.

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Renzer said...

i could go on a writing binge with this one. As i leave wayne each morning, i meet a man out walking, in his whole get up, smoking.... i know this man, and i do know he isn't just out for a leisure walk, but exercise, and his fix. we all have bad habits, but i guess we think if we do one good 'healthy' deed, it outweighs the other!