Monday, April 23, 2007

A few ways...

Today’s MSN article on unique ways to ask someone out was pretty clever. Unexpected Invitations ~ MSN

Esp the one about 'to be continued'.
Maybe that is my problem, I'm not clever enough (well, I think am clever, but definitely not when it comes to asking women out).

Brendan Fraser's character Adam in "Blast from the Past" had a unique one while he was in a 50s club.
He went up to a blond who immediately rolled her eyes and impatiently waited for yet another pick up line to blow off.
Adam asked, "Excuse me? I seem to have lost my Congressional Medal of Honor."
(Maybe he asked if she has seen it, been awhile since I've seen the movie.)
She laughed and asked him to dance.

Or in "Good Will Hunting" Chuckie (Ben Affleck) stood next to two women at a bar and coughs, thus getting their attention.
Which continued to, "oh hello."
"Come here often?"

I'll admit, one time I went as low as getting a pack of Ice Breaker gum to offer 'her' a piece (clever only in my head), but was advised not to by my friends. Thank you again my friends!

I could use the whole; "I'm casting for a film"... which is party true, except for the fact that the film has already been cast.

Maybe I'll break down and end up going with something like, "Hi, my name is Chad – what’s yours?"

What do you think?


Adam said...

Gum might not be a good idea since she'd probably take it to mean she has bad breath. Is this what your other friends said?

I asked Christi on a date by writing on her bathroom mirror, "Want to go out sometime?" or something like that. You probably don't have many chances to write on girls' bathroom mirrors, though.

Chad said...

no, 'ice breaker' only to break the ice about introducing myself...

SarahC said...

bathroom mirrors, huh?