Monday, April 02, 2007

A copy of the script...

My mom always says, "they don't have a copy of the script" when some miscommunication happens.
I was thinking about my previous post and chuckled as I applied yesterday's cast meeting to the 'dating world'.
- - -
Seems like I've been writing the script for too many years. It is a romantic comedy with some drama, some mystery, adventure – just staying away from westerns, sci-fi, paradies, and horror. A foreign version would make for a good vacation or honeymoon. It is family friendly of course.

Casting – I've cast a few female roles, they only played the part for a few months. Casting is tough, seems like all the lead females are already in a 'film' or have given me a copy of "Just Friends".
Ideally, I'd like to get a bunch of "potential lead females" to meet up at Panera (no, not all at once), to give a copy of the (aka 'my') script to see who would like the part. We would introduce ourselves, we'd chat for a few hours, talk about our past 'films', our script, and our plan for the future screening.

Of course, I would read their script as well to see if I 'fit the part'. I'm not talking about the script being instructions, as I would never expect someone to learn and apply and change their life to fit my script 100%.

In the end, I wouldn't want to make a sequel (divorce rate is already too high), but some spin-offs (kids) would be nice.

(If this made no sense to you, no worries – just some random writings, I may rewrite this later.)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting analagy. I'm looking for a female to.