Monday, January 15, 2007


Last year, I got hooked on "24" (late bloomer, I know). The new season began last night in their 2 hour premiere. Another two hours tonight. So much for getting anything else done. I'll have to flip back to "How I Met Your Mother" as well.

This new season started off a bit more violent than I expected. The story line and how the show goes together is still great!

As a filmmaker, I'm trying to understand how they keep continuity (yes, I know their budget is bigger than RMP). As the show takes place over a 24-hour period, all the actor/actresses have to look pretty much the same, not to mention locations (unless blown up)...


Christi said...

You need TiVo! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll second the TiVo recommendation! I'd also recommend Heroes on NBC Monday nights, but you really have to watch the first season to get what's going on now.