Sunday, November 12, 2006

New writing group...

I got connected to Omaha NightWriters via Lisa Pelto of Concierge Marketing Inc and I went to the meeting at The Bookworm today.

The room was filled with want-to-be writers, writers, and writers who have published. We went around the room and shared experiences and made connections, heard some do's & don'ts, as well as hints & tricks about writing and mainly the publishing industry regarding the pros and cons of going the traditional route vs. the self-published route. There is a sub-group for fiction writers that will meet on Wednesday!

I self-published Left Standing with iUniverse back in February of 2005. The experience was unique and some aspects of more control appealed to me. But the cost to publish and market the book wasn't the best for me. Who knows what will happen with Left Unsaid. With advice from the group and Lisa, I think I'll be in good hands!

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