Friday, November 03, 2006

In the news...

Well, Chad news that is...

In Entertainment news:
I'm about done with Scrubs Season IV. I will await the How I Met Your Mother DVD release later this month.

In Work News:
Busy with the affiliate program and eBay.
Hopefully will be working with CMS Holdings this month on some side projects

In Literature News:
Too many books to read, not enough time.
Left Unsaid is left unwritten
Left Standing is at a sales stand-still.

In RoomMate Productions News:
Tonight, RMP is getting together to put final touches on the featurette and scene redo. Discussion of the "Welcome Now" script may also be on the agenda. After that, the plan is to finalize the dvd menus and get going on the burning while coming up with cover art.

In Weekend News:
Jenn won't have the boys for a bit on Saturday, I think we are both going to get our hair cut and will probably check out the Cheesecake Factory. Who knows what else? Anyone seen any good movies lately?

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Christi said...

Mmmmmmmm cheesecake . . . jealous over here!!!!