Monday, October 02, 2006

Jenn still says...

... I don't blog enough.
This weekend, Jenn's boys were with their dad so we got to spend some time together. We made the most of it by going to HuHot (yumm), we saw You, Me, & Dupree and Frequency. Of course there was Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on Sunday.
It was all around a GREAT weekend!

Then Monday came and the alarm went off reminding me that I must get up for work. I've been at the same company almost three years. I've had about every job possible there it seems and have had plenty of cubes to call 'home' for eight hours a day. I even get to do some film stuff at work!

Left Unsaid has been on the back-burner. Work is keeping me busy, so my mind doesn't feel like 'thinking' a whole lot when I get home. No excuse I know, but still... I'm debating where to take the story next... The debate is taking way too long... I should pull out one of my many writing books to see if I can break the so-called "writer's block" - so, ummm... wish me luck and stuff!

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