Monday, October 23, 2006

Back to the grind...

Friday night, I journeyed down to Lincoln to help my friend move around some furniture in his house. It was good to chat with him and his wife and her mom and of course, my Godson Breckin who is sure growing up quickly. Before I stopped at their place, I got to see my parents for about five minutes.

Saturday I spent with Jenn & the kids. We all went to Ruby Tuesday to eat and then she and I went to Marie Antoinette, a movie I would highly recommend avoiding. She and I didn't even sit through the whole thing as with a few others I saw leaving. It was a confusing movie with little dialogue, an odd soundtrack, and too many long pointless shots of people doing almost nothing.

My sinus headache stayed with me through most of the weekend, so I mostly napped on Sunday. The doctor recommended some over the counter meds that seem to be doing the trick – finally!

Jenn & I are planning two big trips. Good thing I'm getting more vacation time at work!

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