Monday, September 18, 2006


(Jenn says I don’t blog enough, so here it goes.)

  • Umm... I skipped out on the Omaha Lit Fest on Saturday. Instead I mowed my lawn.

  • I received some feedback on Left Unsaid from a co-worker, reading his notes should get my mind going again on that never-ending process of composing a book.

  • Work has been crazy lately. Taking up a lot of brain power for logic stuff, I like it, but I’m tired.

  • Went to the playground with Jenn & the boys. I forgot how much fun slides and merry-go-rounds are. Also, forgot how dirty one can get.

  • I subjected Jenn to Good Will Hunting, she liked the movie better than I thought she would. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve seen it.

  • She also insisted on clothes shopping which worked out because she found me some great stuff! THANKS!

  • My church is doing a series on the 'Biggies' - The Biggest Questions People ask about Christianity... eye opening stuff, makes me wish I understood more about different religions

  • Nothing major this week, although eventually I’d like to rejoin the Omaha Writer’s Group – something always seems to come up on Wednesday nights.

  • The boys of RMP are preparing for some filming on Sunday which reminds me, I need to task myself some stuff for that shoot before. I’m bound to forget...

  • Oh yeah, I have a hot date on Satuday!
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    Jennifer Paulk Baker said...

    I'm so excited about our date!