Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August 1st...

A new month and more things added to the to-do list (some carried over from the months before)
  • A few family and friends’ birthday shout-outs this month
  • My good friend Natalie is getting married in a week!
  • I have a new writer’s workshop to attend
  • I’m building websites for the men’s group at church and making a mock up for a local business and maybe one more is in the works
  • a good chunk of Left Unsaid "should" get done – let’s hope... my summer goal, but like college – I’m cramming at the last minute
  • Since I’ve been on a bargain book buying binge lately, I have a lot to read
  • Over lunch I’ll be picking up some photos I took over the weekend, we’ll see how well those turned out (stay tuned and stuff)
  • I need to get to Lincoln soon and see the fam, some friends, and some munchkins
  • There is some major RoomMate Productions work to do
  • more... (later)
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