Friday, June 16, 2006

The net and the weekend...

My cable box is sick, my internet connection is off & on - very frustrating.
It caused me to escape to Scooters Coffee House as I had some important side work to do.

Sure enough, when I got home - the 'box' was better. Looks to be my weekend project to get all that figured out so my connection is reliable. I mean come on - I have sites to work on, emails to send, and blogs to read!

Since roommate #1 is almost all out, it gives me a chance to reorganize all my crap before roommate #2 moves in. I have a basement, I might as well use it to 'hide' stuff I rarely use. Set up some garage organizer stuff and order a grill.

My parents and Gram are coming up tomorrow, so I should probably clean. I have some things around the house I need an extra hand with and since Pop will be up - I'll recruit him. Seems I always get recruited when I go to Lincoln.

My company had a good bit in the Living section in yesterday's paper.

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