Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lack of a blog...

So, I know – I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been busy with work (hence, sick of the computer by the time I get home) and getting the place ready for roommate #2.

Nothing inherently new to blog about... I’m antsy to 'find time' to take pics, write, read, and work on a few websites (back to the computer for writing and websites). I have the time (I think), 'somewhere' in my 24 hours, but the focus isn’t all there.

I was digging through my box of CDs last night and came across some I haven’t heard for a year since I boxed ‘em up in the first place. Exciting, huh? In that box are some CDs I can trade or sell. I’m downsizing a bit here and there. That clears the head and lends to my focusing on other stuff.

Through the 'grapevine' of blogs, the internet, & reconnecting – an old classmate from my high school contacted me. She says she knows some authors that have literary agents and publishers (in NY) and offered to talk to them about me/for me. Ahh networking... always interesting to see what doors open...

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