Thursday, May 04, 2006

My morning hasn’t been the greatest...

  • I woke up to a ‘bug’ in "my system" – the master bathroom ‘plumbing’ didn’t comply... (I'll spare you the details) and I still don’t feel well.
  • I reset my alarm so I could catch another hour of sleep – the ‘alarm’ didn’t comply... I woke up at 8:10.
  • I sat down to my computer to email my boss I was running late – the ‘outside work’ email system didn’t comply... I eventually got it to work.
  • With no breakfast, I got in my car only to find my low gas tank indicator was on.
  • I filled up (that made my day) – I decided to get some orange juice.
  • I waited for about 5 minutes for the gas station attendant to ring me up. He was helping another customer who wanted his ‘fixed’ car out of the garage. With my orange juice in hand, I went back to my car to find the guy who needed his car was about to back into my car.

    Overheard at the gas station:
    Why? (at least he had his window down)
    You are about to hit my car!
    Oh, I didn’t even see it.

    Adam said...

    Sounds like a rough morning!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Chad
    Sounds like a rough morning!!! I am going to post it here since I don't have time to email tonight. I am just signed a contract to teach with Grand Island Public Schools today for August!!!!! I will write more later, remember I am going to Greek wedding this weekend. Hopefully you will have a better weekend! Take care! Bec