Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In Memory of Gramp...

Monday - my car was packed. Immediately after work I headed to Lincoln to meet up with the family (Mom, Pop, & Angie) for dinner at Skeeter Barnes. I hadn’t been there before. The food and conversation was good - esp the huge guilty piece of chocolate cake. We got home and I caught a bit of ‘24’ before working on the second draft of ‘Memories of Grandpa’ which I’ll post once I get the file off my dad’s computer.

Tuesday morning came quickly. I dressed in my Sunday best and packed up my car. My sister and I drove out to Aurora, while my parents picked up ‘Gram’ and headed West as well. We arrived at the cemetery where my uncle and his family were waiting. We heard scripture and spread ‘Gramp’s’ ashes around some bushes and trees and that he and ‘Gram’ had planted years ago. This was the toughest (the reality of it all), knowing ‘Gramp’ was ‘in a box’. Each grandkid took their turn spreading ashes at the cemetery and around the church.

We along with some of ‘Gramp’s’ siblings had lunch together. ‘Gramp’ has a brother who is 6 years younger, yet looks and sounds like ‘Gramp’ almost like a twin. It was therapeutic to see him as much as it was hard to see him. The resemblance is uncanny.

1:30. The service began with “I can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me, then scripture, a hymn, a poem, more scripture, and memories from the Grandchildren as well as family & friends. It became abundantly apparent that Gramp lived a full active life in his community and family and anyone could simply grab a thesaurus and look up a word such as 'kindness' and read each related word if they wished to describe him.

After the service was over, family and friends gathered in the back for refreshments, memories, and pictures.

Finally, after everyone had left – the immediate family was back at the cemetery to say our goodbyes.

We all met up again at Arby’s to talk about who was there and what they said.

My sister and I drove back to Omaha. She caught an early flight this morning.

I’m exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally...

Thank you to everyone for their prayers and emails...

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Unknown said...

Nice post, albeit an unfortunate event. Prayers are with you and 'Gram.' Got me thinking, "what would I want palyed at my funeral?"

Ans: Charlie Parker, Bill Evans, Tony Bennett, and Miles Davis. That's about it.

Did I ever tell you thanks for psoting a link to my site?

Well, thanks, Chad! God bless ya...