Thursday, April 20, 2006

Grass Stains...

The joys of being a home owner...

I first opened all the windows in the house... it is so nice in Omaha. I should have had dinner on my deck, maybe tomorrow. (If tomorrow is like tonight, I'll have to take my computer out there. I was asked multiple times at the memorial service from family members who read Left Standing about book #2. I think I used the word 'eventually' more times than one.)

I changed into my 'mowing' clothes and crossed my fingers that my mower would start.
Sure enough it did.

Confession: Truth be told, I can't seem to mow a straight line though. Most all the houses up the street are well done, my lawn though... well, it is bit curvy. For now, I can blame it on the old old mower I'm using. After that, I decided to fertilize it with some seeds my dad sent up. Fun times @ Chad's, let me tell ya.

My shoes have some new grass stains.

What is up next you ask? Well, it may be time to turn on my sprinkers.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you did just fine on your lawn. That is one thing I cannot do because I have allergies with grass, trees and pollen. However, that doesn't stop me from enjoying this nice weather. Think summer it will be here soon. I look forward to camping Memorial Day weekend.