Friday, March 03, 2006

I keep talking about these projects...

I figure I'd list 'em for my sake and FYI:

Project list:

  • Reshoot a scene for “Kitty Cats & Exits”/Finish the blooper reel/Film Festival submissions/Get DVDs made
  • Get RMP films out to online film hosting sites such as atom films and the Independent Film Channel
  • Help in pre-production on Echo Productions’ film, “Hostage”
  • Turn a story into a screenplay with Adam F & Chris
  • Write a screenplay with Eric & Extreme Films
  • Write a screenplay with Eric & Adam A.
  • Work on church sites, friend sites, and my sites
  • Church promotion/segment filming
  • Write a second book
  • Continue to promote Left Standing

    Note: This list excludes web and film projects at work and excludes projects that deal with my house...
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