Friday, March 31, 2006

“Hot Shops Film Festival” judges’ notes...

In my mailbox yesterday was (finally) the judges scores and comments from RoomMate Productions’ entry of “Silence” to the third annual Hot Shops Film Festival. The film didn’t place like “Aisle to Aisle” did last year, so I was curious to see what scores the film received and what comments – helpful, critical, etc were in the envelope.

Strangely – 5 judges scored the film between 47% & 99%. Guess it was an ‘either you like it or don’t like it’ type of film. Some of the comments about audio and continuity I was expecting, which is what I received, plus a few more comments I thought were odd.

Mainly this one: "Try and stay away from using apartments..."
(enter my head here: hmmm – part of the film was in my house and the other part was a friend’s house - I think it was a general statement about expanding locations, but still...)
I forget some of the other comments, I’ll probably post some on the RMP blog this weekend.

---In other news---
This weekend:
  • Reading & writing
  • See some friends and family
  • Clean – in anticipation for my sister’s arrival – I can’t have her thinking I live in a pig sty (although, I could just blame my roommates) - oops, she reads this blog... too late...
  • A few friends are requesting help with building a site and driving traffic to it – figure I’d lend a hand and give a look + I need to clean up some of my files (cough cough - yes, I'm a web 'geek' - I love this stuff)
  • I'm looking to put the 8.5 minute film, "Silence" on - then YOU can judge... all comments will be welcomed.
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