Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Death & Taxes...

Well, just taxes...

After procrastinating for way too long, I finally buckled down and did my taxes. I think finding all my paperwork took longer than actually entering all my information. For tax reasons, it helps having a house I can deduct taxes and interest, but looking at the amounts I’m paying in taxes and interest, I’d rather have that in my bank account.

Something I had to enter this year that I didn’t last year was all the stuff (royalties, advertising, publishing) for Left Standing. I did benefit a bit for expenses relating to RoomMate Productions as well – every little bit adds to the refund amount!

Will some of my refund go to the new camera purchase you ask? I haven’t decided yet. I plan to fly up to Alaska this summer, although if I do that - I should have a camera with me.
"Seinfeld" - Write-off (wav file):

Michael Richards: "It's a write-off for them."

Seinfeld: "How is it a write-off?"

Richards: "They just write it off."

Seinfeld: "Write it off what?"

Richards: "Jerry, all these big companies -- they write-off everything."

Seinfeld: "You don't even know what a write-off is."

Richards: "Do you?"

Seinfeld: "No, I don't."

Richards: "But they do, and they're the ones writing it off."

Seinfeld: "I wish I had the last 20 seconds of my life back."

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Adam said...

Alaska: My dad lived there for a year when he was in college, him and a buddy took a couple of semesters off and spent time working in construction there in the mid-70's. He loved it, and went back two years ago for the first time in 30 years.