Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Are you who you want to be?"

I have a clock radio at my desk and listen to Q98 all day.

Switchfoot's song, This is Your Life came on before I left for lunch. I have the CD, but it is burried in some box in my basement.

The lyrics pose the question, "... are you who you want to be?" multiple times in the song.

There are many ways to think of the question - these are the 'subquestions' I take from it:
1. Are you doing what you want to be doing? (work, projects, volunteering)
2. Are you living how you want to be living? (healthy, excercise, diet)
3. Are you with the people you want to be with? (friends & family)
4. Are you the same when you are alone, with close friends/family, at work?
5. Do people are speak ill of you? (enemies, would people have a reason to talk behind your back)
6. Do you respect others/gain respect?
7. Are you a person of influence?
8. Are you using the talents God gave you to further His kingdom?
9. Are you using your money wisely? (in debt because of tuition or credit cards)
10. Do you take the time to help those in need?
I'm sure I could think of 100 more...

What does the song/the question mean to you?
...answer for yourself, are you who YOU want to be?

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