Tuesday, February 21, 2006


After work yesterday, I was a bit tired, so I crashed until about 8. I caught most of “24” … that show is intense.
I messed around with my cell phone, trying to figure out how to set up voice-mail. I don’t recall getting a pass code and following the instructions gets me no where, I’ll have to ‘call for backup’.

Then I had a low-blood sugar level in the middle of the night. Uneasy/weird/out-of-body experience I try not to get too often. I have a new commitment to controlling it, I connected it with feeling ill all the time and anytime I read about the connection to blindness, I get back into my groove. With all the weight that I lost, controlling it better will help me get back to a more healthy weight as well. I don’t need any more reasons.

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Marsha Loftis said...

My husband and two oldest daughters love watching 24. They never miss it. Then again we do have TIVO.