Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Comments about the premiere....

The premiere came slowly and was done in a blink of an eye.

The Saturday night premiere went smooth... plenty of positive comments. A few people who came Saturday came again Sunday.
In the booth, Adam, Eric, & I could hear the laughter from the audience. As usual, some laughed when they should and sometimes no one laughed when we thought they should...

The after party was a blast. They even let in little Randi-Shane. It was fun to talk everyone and gain their feedback on the show. I totally lost my voice trying to talk over the music and repeating the answer to the question: What is next for RMP? (RMP Thanks everyone that came)

I think Eric & I left at 1:00. We were right back up at the theater to meet up with Adam. we spent all day at the theater.

Sunday's showings were as filled as I had hoped... with the newscast on Fox 42, I hoped it would have driven more to Westwood.

Now, onto tweaking the films a bit more to submit to film festivals & for dvd sales.

photo by Christi Koch

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