Friday, January 20, 2006

Weekend Stuff...

Tonight, RoomMate Productions is meeting up with the 'almightyness' Mrs. Christi Koch to see what type of things she can do for us at the premiere to capture the excitement and then scrap us a book of photos and other stuff - she loves doing it and she is great at it! She’s already thrown out some great ideas for our posters and invitations and I’m having her review some other ‘stuff’ I created to improve it CK Style – I wasn’t wired with an eye for layout.

Tomorrow is my Gramp’s birthday, expect a shoutout then. Sunday is another friend’s birthday. I think a bunch of people are doing dinner & bowling, I may get in on some of that. My Godson is sick, so I'm not sure I'll see him.

Sunday is another busy day of premiere promoting, planning, and website tweaking.

Also, expect a special blog.

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