Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Grocery Store addiction...

Last night after work I hit the grocery store. Doing this is starting to seem like a hobby. I am always remembering things I ‘need’ on the way home from work. Every day could be expensive, so good thing these impromptu stops are only for a few things.

Still, every time I go in the grocery store I think of "Aisle to Aisle." A real version of the film seemed to almost happen with a woman that walked in talking on her cell phone. We passed each other in most aisles, but she was always on the phone. No ring on her finger either which is a rarity for me to see... "Most of the time we dream of a more colorful life, but then hesitate, only to remain black & white."

I got home to see my second roommate’s car in the driveway. I expected him sometime this week, didn’t know it was going to be so early. He was in the basement setting up his ‘crib’ for the next four months. He brought his laptop so he could connect to my wireless of which I was somewhat clueless as to how to go about setting him up. With one quick call on the red phone to Adam, I had better direction as to how to do it. With two more tries, we were both connected and surfing and watching American Idol wondering if some of these people were double-dogged-dared to go on the show and make a fool of themselves.

I tried to surf back and forth between AI & Scrubs while I worked on a ‘poster’/’flyer’ for the premiere that people can come to the site, hit print and pass around and hang up. It looks kina blah, but I must think – no color and just your basic info and an easy-to-read format.
My day started out bad, I bought some tea in the cafeteria this morning to have with my water later on today, I opened it and move a bit and it spilled out toward my computer – yikes. Good thing it didn’t happen at home. It hit the spot yesterday, not so much today.

Tonight – no grocery store, but may hit Best Buy and use up more of my gift certificate. None of ‘my shows’ are on tonight so I may be able to get my redirects done, after all – it has been a week since I launched the new look to

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