Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Feeling very tired...

Yesterday over lunch, I ate something at one of my favorite fast food restaurants. I won’t mention which one to protect the innocent (well, not innocent yesterday). Regardless, I don’t think it was fully cooked. The afternoon I felt okay, but when I got home, I felt awful. I napped until 7:30, however, no matter what; I couldn’t miss "How I met Your Mother". I was going to stay up and flip between “24” & “Las Vegas”, but I couldn’t. I got up at about 4am and got some water, ('it' hit me) finally (without being too graphic) the food was ‘gone’ and I felt 85% better.

I went back to bed... I made it to work, but I feel like I could sleep for a week. Eric & I have much premiere stuff to do tonight. He has Wednesday off, so he does the leg work while we both plan his errand schedule. It works out great. It sort of makes ending the filming aspect of RoomMate Productions sad. But the script writing years, RoomMate, ink. should be fun!

Even though RMP is done filming, there are many other filming opportunities in the works... people are seeking our advice on how to go about doing it. Kinda cool. Yes, Adam F, I haven't forgotten about you and your script.

I "may" have a date on Wednesday or Sunday, I’m not holding my breath. My luck doesn’t run in the ‘good’ direction which it comes to this type of stuff. But as the realization that I turn 30 next year hits... one must apply himself more to 'mission: impossible' and attempt to be more bold. Prospects are slim... (and other excuses)...

As I say, life starts after the premiere. I’ll have more time... well, more flexibility with all my projects.

Stay tuned.

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