Monday, January 09, 2006

The Bachelor (no, not me)...

Ahh - Monday night, "How I met your mother" is over - a good episode.
I'm enjoying a Chad-Pad Cafe late night strawberry/banana milk shake.

This weekend I spent working on the new RoomMate Productions website. After way too many hours, it is finished (unless you count the never-ending changes I see and the ones that Adam & Eric send me). It will re-launch after Wednesday, that's when Eric is going to talk to Westwood to set the date for our second film premiere. Stay tuned for the new site & premiere date.

Eric & I hit the gym on Saturday. I hadn't gone for awhile and after all the weight I've lost in the last year, I am not able to lift what I used to. Well, that is about to change. Although, I'm a bit sore now.

The sermon on Sunday was one of the best ever. I need to email the pastor a "great job" email and order the sermon on CD to listen again - then I can 'try' to explain what it was about. Between his stories, scripture, his message - it all came down to the combination that made the message stand out.

I have a second roommate moving in at the end of the month. He dropped some stuff off on Sunday. He's going to be here for four or so months. It will be weird to have someone around as my other roommate I never see. Both roommates are going to miss the premiere (they are privy to the date). Poor guy will have to live in the unfinished and cold basement. I'll finish the basement someday... well, when I say I, I mean hire someone...

So, for some reason I'm watching "The Bachelor" trying to decide which of the 25 women would most likely be compatable with me. Oddly enough - seems to be the one who couldn't walk and tripped on her way out of the car. She kept her cool, her composure, and her smile. She can laugh at herself. So, now hopefully she won't win and then 'somehow' find her way back to Omaha. The probably is, I don't recall which one it was.

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