Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend in review (for those who know me and care)...

Friday night was finishing some video touches on the ‘exit sign story’ for RoomMate Productions’ second feature film. The voice-over will be completed some time this weekend along with reading the sound effects to "Laundromat".

Saturday morning I woke up to snow fall. I was due to drive to Lincoln and so I went. I stayed behind a few semi-trucks that seemed to clear a path for me. When semi-trucks were no where to be found, I made up where the lane lines were like the other drivers around me. I took more than an hour to get to Lincoln. I arrived at the church for my godson’s baptism to find I beat everyone there. I had to chuckle at that fact. I had even stopped at my parents’ house to drop off some ‘stuff’. Finally, everyone arrived and I was ‘put in charge’ of holding the little one through the ceremony. He slept through it all. The minister had some good words to say and as he poured water on the munchkin’s head, he referenced from the Bible the various places water is used. I never thought of them all in one setting, I thought it was pretty cool. After the ceremony, we all headed to Mike’s for a big lunch. Wow, talk about some good eat’n! I vegged on the couch and watched football, which is a rarity for me. Finally, it was time for me to go. I dropped by my parents’ house again, but they must have been out causing trouble, so I headed back to Omaha.

Sunday, I got up early – my mind woke me up with a long to-do list of things to do around the house and garage. I don’t think I left my house. I moved some last boxes from the garage to the basement, shoveled the driveway, organized the garage a bit more, winterized my mower, cleaned the kitchen, my room, and did my laundry. Next was working on my Christmas letter. I scrapped my first idea and came up with a second – although my new letter isn’t as creative as I hoped it would be. Now I need to find time to mail ‘em out.

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