Thursday, December 01, 2005

Snow and then some more snow...

I left work yesterday at 10 ‘til 6 and I got home at 10 ‘til 7. I680 was backed way up.

This morning was just about as bad... I left at 7:40 and go to work at 8:15.
I looked at my long driveway and the snow that was on it and I looked at the shovel and then my watch and decided to skip it. I should have shoveled the sidewalk, but I’m far-stretched hoping that my roommate will, but I doubt it. If I get home in decent time – I’ll see what I can clear out. The neighbor has a truck with a snow mover on it, who knows if they’ll venture next door.

I worked on a mock up of what I’d put on a site of my own (author type site). The mock up looks terrible, but it is a rough draft. It all comes down to a template I like and I don’t think I like the template that I’m using. So right now I can focus on what I want my site to contain. Kinda fun to create something from scratch.

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