Thursday, December 29, 2005

The innocence of youth...

All my favorite shows I can watch without having to get cable. But, without having cable, I missed the Alamo Bowl last night. The radio just isn’t the same. Regardless, the Huskers won!

My mom left some old videos in my room to take back with me and watch – so, I popped in the video from when my sister and I were guests on Romper Room (a local kids program that was on channel 10/11 in Lincoln, way back in the early 80s). I think I was four.

At one point, you could see a group of kids and barely see me on camera. In the next 'scene' - one of the cameramen did a one-shot of me pointing. Reading my lips, it looks like I’m saying, “It’s me!” I must have been pointing to one of the monitors. I paused the tape just as I (mini me) smiled at realizing I was seeing myself on camera. I don’t do that so much with RoomMate Productions - well, wait - I do still point to the monitor when I see myself on camera...

Ahh, the innocence of youth... those were the days of playing with bubbles, jumping through a tires, and hearing someone read a good story. Oh yeah, I had to laugh as this is so not me – I totally pushed a kid out of line as we were jumping through the tire. He complained and cut in front of me. Looking at it, all 20 or so kids were pushing to get their chance to go through the tire (a little kid mosh pit). I was just behind my sister, so I’ll say I was saving her from the bully I pushed out of line. Oh yeah, this cracked me up – as all the kids were pushing, the ‘teacher’/’host’ kept saying, “you are all waiting in line so patiently.” No we weren’t!

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