Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A few Tuesday night highlights...

  • I did some grocery shopping, some treats 'accidentially' fell into my car
  • Eric & Angie came over to drop by my Christmas gift - I haven't shopped for them yet, but asked for some hints - they obliged
  • I began to help Eric with an actor website, not 100% sure what I'm doing - but it is fun to try
  • I updated the RoomMateProductions.com homepage a bit, there a know what I'm doing since Adam did the hard part of setting it up (thanks Adam)
  • I wrapped the white elephant gift for our department party (I've never wrapped gifts well)
  • We filled out the festival form for "Silence" and realized I need the permission form from the guy who has the song in my film. The form is due soon - yikes. Guess I'll be calling him tomorrow.

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