Saturday, December 10, 2005

Deep stuff...

(This is about a song called "Silence" and not my film, "Silence") has an exclusive set of Jars of Clay songs. This post is about one song called "Silence" - which was originally on their 'The Eleventh Hour' album.

"Silence" is where the questions come out. In the eerily quiet expanses of time, we begin to wonder if God is there. God is not afraid of our questions, and we (Jars of Clay) were not afraid to write about the incredible depths doubt can reach in the midst of our present struggles. This is a song that has taken on greater meaning since September 11. The song struggles with doubt to find God in the midst of tragedy and heartbreak."
Also found from a review:
"Silence" ironically follows, a slow stripped-down drum loop-based ballad that arises out of the times of tragedy and despair where we wonder where God could be in all of it. Every Christian comes to a point in their walk with God where doubt momentarily takes over in the midst of trouble causing us to question where the Almighty is.
I've listened to this song over & over again. The original album version is unique, but the iTunes exclusive version blows me away.
Take till there's nothing
Nothing to turn to
Nothing when you get through
Won't you break
Scattered pieces of all I've been
Bowing to all I've been
Running to
Where are you?
Where are you?

Did you leave me unbreakable?
You leave me frozen?
I've never felt so cold
I thought you were silent
And I thought you left me
For the wreckage and the waste
On an empty beach of faith
Was it true?

Cuz I...I got a question
I got a question
Where are you?

Deeper I wanna scream
I want you to hear me
I want you to find me
Cuz I...I want to believe
But all I pray is wrong
And all I claim is gone

And I...I got a question
I got a question
Where are you?
And where...I...I got a question
I got a question
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?

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