Saturday, November 12, 2005

Call me, 'the Godfather'....

As from my previous post, a trip to Lincoln was in order to see the little one. I haven't been to Saint Elizabeth for quite some time. Sure, I was born there, but they have really fixed the place up in the last few decades...

On the way to the hospital after Mike picked me up, he asked if I'd be the Godfather.
I was honored... I mean, what an honor - when friends ask you to be the Godfather of their child. I held the little one for a while and told him the importance of some things - such as how good of a city Omaha is. Later, I can teach him about filmmaking and Internet stuff!
The role of Godparents has changed a bit over the years. I sometimes forget who my Godparents are - then I remember. The baptism will be in early December, I'll be there!
Aside from seeing the baby, a free oil change was in the works at the dealership where I bought my car (I was overdo for one). They washed my car too - wow, I don't wash it enough.

So, now I'm addicted to iTunes. You see, it all started because my good pals of Jars of Clay did some exclusive recordings (iTunes Originals). I previewed "Frail" and was blown away. An all piano version. Then checking their website, I see they have a myspace... space!

I watched Star Wars III again tonight for the third time. Then you know me, I must watch the behind-the-scenes on how Lucas made such a film. Very interesting stuff!

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