Friday, October 14, 2005

Mom and her daughters part II...

This morning I was running late to work from the morning men’s breakfast at church. I stopped at the stop light by the school on 120th and something street.
Sure enough I saw the two girls standing with the mom in the driveway. The mom was making sure the girls’ jackets were on properly and waved them goodbye. The girls waved bye and grabbed hands and sprinted toward the school. Maybe they were running late too.

Pretty soon I’ll give them names and a made up back story about the woman and her daughters. Until then, it is like watching a movie at the stop light.

I’m guessing the oldest girl is in third and the youngest is in first. True or not, I’m wondering how different the classroom ‘feel’ is from when I was in those grades 20+ years ago. I’m sure book reports still exist, but what about show & tell? My friend Amy teaches second grade, I’ll have to ask her.

A good read: What do teachers make?

Weekend? Um... Film editing, bill paying, napping, laundry, reading, writing, cleaning, and maybe I’ll mow one last time. Oh yeah, Alyssa’s 1 year birthday bash is Saturday.

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