Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Friday...

Last night after my haircut & grocery store run... I rushed home to meet someone who wanted to audition for "Silence". She left my address at work and was running late – good thing, I was too. After finding my place we made small chat and she did her audition. She did a very good job. This is going to be one tough choice.

After she left, I cleaned up the house a bit (yawn) and did some internet searching - a project from a relative who wanted me to find some things. I can’t say too much because it is a surprise! Then my friends Brad & Julia came to see the new digs. We chatted for an hour or two about everything. Brad gave me some great ideas on what to do with my unfinished basement.

Not sure if I’ll be editing tonight or just hosting some friends dropping by. Eric & I need to work on getting music for the film(s). Tomorrow I have another private audition and who knows what after that. Probably mow. Ahh – the joys of being a home owner.

My place is going to be crowded on Sunday. That means I'll probably another round of cleaning and another round to the grocery store.

Today is food day at work – I better pace myself.

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