Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bring Supremacy...

After work last night, I took it easy & watched “Bourne Supremacy”. I had seen “Bourne Identity” when it first came out & had wanted to see the sequel for a long time. My supervisor at work had it & brought it in...

Nothing like an action movie where I guy is trying to find who is trying to frame him. He has all these natural abilities & is caught in all these situations I’d never be able to get out of.

Now as a filmmaker, WOW! Filming in different countries… filming – using multiple languages, filming Julia Stiles, filming an explosion, & of course… filming with a big budget. That all seems tough & fun at the same time.

Speaking of tough & fun… I’m heading over to the editing bay tonight to edit “Kitty Cats & Exit Signs”. We have about 13 hours of footage to make into a feature film (hopefully). Compare this to the 26 tapes for “Halfway Point”, but that included more takes, more reshoots, & more scenes that got cut for the film.

I get a kick out of MSN Homepage with all their crazy articles of the day & the funny pics that go with 'em.

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