Wednesday, August 24, 2005

28 years & 3 months...

Age. Is 28 the new 18? Do I feel 28? No.
  • What would it feel like anyway?
  • What does being 28 mean?

    Would it feel like all your friends are married – some even with kids? Maybe.

    Would it feel like everywhere you looked – you realized you missed the whole ‘get married in your mid-twenties’ bandwagon?

    Would it feel like your next birthday and 30s aren’t that far away?

    Would it mean you’ve been out of college for sometime and are paying insurance, tuition, and other bills and actually got the hang of it? Maybe.

    Would it mean your 10 year high school reunion is coming up and your debating on going? Maybe.

    Would it mean you have done your career shifting and after 4 jobs since college, you finally settled down into a career? Maybe

    Would it mean the nights of clubbing and staying up until the wee hours of the morning are through? Maybe

    Would it mean communicating with your friends doesn’t happen quite as often as it used to or as much as you would like? Maybe

    Would it mean Christmas gifts & birthday gifts result in practical items or just simply a card? Maybe

    Would it mean getting your own wedding invitations that you must RSVP to while your parents get their own? Maybe

    Would it mean going to bed early so you don’t fall asleep at work? Maybe

    Would it mean that cooking doesn’t involve a microwave? Maybe, unless you are a bachelor.

    Would it mean getting called “Sir” or “Ma’am” (depending on gender) when you buy items via checkout? Maybe

    Would it mean blogging about what it means to be thirty and how many of the above are stereotypes & how many are real? Yup
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