Monday, May 16, 2005

Weekend update...

The potluck at work on was awesome! A ton of free yummy food. We got our company "T" shirts as well!
Friday night we (RoomMate Productions) filmed two scenes for "Kitty Cats & Exit Scenes". The scenes went well, we were done at 11 so Eric and I went to Village Inn for pie and reflect on the day’s shoot and Saturdays shoot.

Saturday came way too quickly. We met up and convoyed over to the shooting location. After setting up and having a half doughnut, we began shooting. The place was crowed with the 4 actors, 2 directors, 2 crew members, and the set designer/apartment dweller and Eric’s wife - who with the set designer would later go with me to check out two condos. The condos were okay, pros and cons – so next weekend we have off and I’ll be house hunting more...

Once we were back we finished some more scenes and said goodbye to some actors that were done for the day. We finished up around 3pm, but around 2pm I remember Cox Communications was going to change my phone over and install high-speed from 1-3. Speaking of high-speed, I sped home just in time. He knocked a few minutes later.

That night, I hit it up at HuHot with a friend of mine and spent the rest of the night on the ‘net (how sad?) amazed by how fast it is and my eagerness grew to get back to promoting Left Standing and begin on Left Unsaid.

Sunday was of course church. “She” wasn’t there. While we were waiting for the service to start, they were playing the new Lifehouse CD. Once I got home, Mike was waiting for me. We hit Burger King, Wal-Mart (exchanged a USB cord for the new Lifehouse CD), and Low’s (for Mike) for ‘supplies’ and headed back to my apartment and rearranged the living room and dining room. I love the new set up! I was able to reorganize some stuff. Now I have boxes (and boxes) of papers I need to file or toss or shred. That night I sifted through some CBS Homes and other real estate catalogs.

This morning I went to the court house for jury duty. It was mainly orientation. I’ll know Tuesday night if they need me for jury selection on Wednesday.

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